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FinTech Revolution – Transforming The Financial Sector

FinTech is all about transformation, disruption, and innovation for changing the way Continue reading “FinTech Revolution – Transforming The Financial Sector”

Benefits Of The Cloud In IoT

When it comes to cloud, we are aware of its scalability, low maintenance, Continue reading “Benefits Of The Cloud In IoT”

Content-First Design: A New Web Order

Good user experience and relevant content are said to be the essential ingredient Continue reading “Content-First Design: A New Web Order”

Boosting UX With Visual Hierarchy

The concept of the visual hierarchy has been applied in design much before Continue reading “Boosting UX With Visual Hierarchy”

Software Testing In IoT Era – Prepping Up For A New Ballgame

Software Testing is a method to check whether the actual software product matches expected requirements Continue reading “Software Testing In IoT Era – Prepping Up For A New Ballgame”

How To Deliver Better UI/UX Experience

UI/UX- UX design refers to the term “user experience design”, Continue reading “How To Deliver Better UI/UX Experience”

Emerging Cyber Threats To Be Aware Of

Cyber Threat is a malicious act that seeks to damage data, steal data, or disrupt digital Continue reading “Emerging Cyber Threats To Be Aware Of”

Artificial Intelligence – The Solution For E-commerce Woes

Artificial Intelligence or as we all popularly know it AI is changing Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence – The Solution For E-commerce Woes”

Payments Industry Technology Trends in 2019

One of the most dynamic sectors, the Payments Industry continues to grow and is being constantly Continue reading “Payments Industry Technology Trends in 2019”

E-commerce Services Which Will Reign in 2019

In today’s dynamic times, customer’s preferences and choices change like a flick of a switch. Continue reading “E-commerce Services Which Will Reign in 2019”

Digital Healthcare Trends for 2019

In today’s time, it’s “convenience” which holds a key factor in determining the value of Continue reading “Digital Healthcare Trends for 2019”

IoT Marketing Trends for 2019

Internet Of Thingsis changing the way we live and as we are in the year 2019, Continue reading “IoT Marketing Trends for 2019”

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